Commercial Landscape Management

Commercial Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance

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CommLawn 350Professional Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Services by Legacy means premium landscaping services to keep your commercial property beautiful year around, from mowing to landscaping, to winter time snow and ice removal. We truly take care of it all! Rather than hiring and managing several companies, you can relax in knowing that our professionals are on top of the game. 

We start every commercial property by meeting with you, evaluating your property to come up with a service plan that includes all needed landscaping services, then prepare a price quote for your consideration. 

Lawn Mowing Services

Not only can a well manicured lawn bring in clients, it can also retain their business. We have the equipment and skills that it takes to bring it above and beyond expectations. When your lawn is taken care of, it provides a sense of relaxation as well as the space for recreation and enjoyment.

Turf Management

Turf Management doesn't just mean artificial ground coverings, it also includes natural grass such as on golf courses and parks. In this process we take on the responsibility of making sure the beauty of recreational ground coveringsis preserved. We have the knowledge it takes to keep your turf conditions at maximum potential.

Grounds Maintenance

CommercialTurf 350

Once you get your lawn up to par, you're going to want to keep it that way. Grounds Maintenance provides the upkeep and planning the property requires to maintain a finished landscape. Whether it be lawn mowing, fertilizing, or gardening, we know what it takes to uphold the value of your property.

Snow and Ice Removal

Don't let acclimate weather hold you back from making profit. Make sure your business is accessible at all times by allowing us to eliminate the dangers of cold weather. Sometimes a shovel in the driveway just isn't enough, we've got what it takes to get behind the snow and ice.

Contact our Commercial Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Specialist to visit your commercial property for a free maintenance evaluation and discussion.

Your Backyard

Residential Lawn Care is more than just lawn mowing services. It's an annual agreement to mow, trim, aerate, reseed and weed your yard. We also offer Spring clean-up, Fall leaves clean-up, and push mowing for delicate areas.

Tree & Shrub Care

Legacy's Certified Arborist can come out to your property and examine the health of your commercial or residential trees and shrubs. We offer tree planting, trimming, removal and stump grinding.

Commerical Lawns

Professional Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Services keeps your commerical property beautiful year around, from mowing to landscaping, to winter time snow and ice removal.

Snow Plowing

Professional snow removal equipment to clear off the snow without damaging your commercial property. We offer Seasonal Contracts, Per Storm/Trip (aka Per Push) and Per Hour service options.