Residential Landscaping Services

Residential Lawn Care Maintenance

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Quality residential lawn care maintenance and mowing services.  Our lawn maintenance services include flower bed weeding and planting, decorative mulching, and more. The landscaping staff are certified and experienced professionals. We are committed to doing the job well, hire only courteous staff and offer competitive rates. 

Residential Lawn Mowing Service

yard mowing west chester ohMowing for your yard is not a chore to us! Our residential lawn care mowing staff are knowledgeable on the grass varieties common to Cincinnati, identifying and controlling weed proliferation, and understand how to give your precise yard the perfect cut, every time.  

We'll use a push mower to mow your yard in special care areas including softer grounds and hills. 

Ask us also about "temporary" agreements while your family takes vacation or you are recooperating from illness. Glad to help! 

Seasonal Clean-Up

The Spring season is certainly welcomed in Cincinnati, after the cold winter months. People are eager to get outdoors! Would you like some seasonal clean-up help with pulling unsightly weeds and planting flowers? We don't just clean-up the flower beds, we can to add beauty to your flower beds with perennial and annual blooms. Ask us about it! 

Need Dead Leaves Removal?  If un-managed dead tree limbs and leaves are suffocating your yard, the Legacy Team can "rake and blow" your yard then dispose of the leafing bags.  Ask us also about brush and bush hogging up the dense or unsightly vegetation. 

Lawn Aeration

We recommend aerating the compacted soils and overseeding your yard every year with high quality grass seed mix that will introduce better disease and insect resistant grass types to your lawn. Looking to impress your neighbors with a healthy and beautiful yard? Let's talk! 

Lawn Seeding

lawn aeration and mowingWhether it be a new lawn, or an existing one, seeding could be the solution to problems you're having with grass.

Every home deserves a yard to match its wholesome beauty. Lawn seeding requires a vast knowledge of grass types, the kind of knowledge that we have to ensure your yard is at top quality.

Our Certified Arborists love transforming backyards into outdoor living spaces. We update your residential landscaping, add flower beds, accent with shady trees, decorative shrubbery, and interesting plants.  Our lawn care and landscaping staff will make your backyard the gem of your property.

Contact our Certified Arborist and Lawn Care Specialist to visit your property for a free residential lawn care maintenance evaluation and discussion.

Your Backyard

Residential Lawn Care is more than just lawn mowing services. It's an annual agreement to mow, trim, aerate, reseed and weed your yard. We also offer Spring clean-up, Fall leaves clean-up, and push mowing for delicate areas.

Tree & Shrub Care

Legacy's Certified Arborist can come out to your property and examine the health of your commercial or residential trees and shrubs. We offer tree planting, trimming, removal and stump grinding.

Commerical Lawns

Professional Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Services keeps your commerical property beautiful year around, from mowing to landscaping, to winter time snow and ice removal.

Snow Plowing

Professional snow removal equipment to clear off the snow without damaging your commercial property. We offer Seasonal Contracts, Per Storm/Trip (aka Per Push) and Per Hour service options.