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Professional Tree Service is not just about cutting down old, damaged, diseased trees. It is about pruning and caring for trees so they can grow healthy, and continue to be a joy.

tree removal service CincinnatiTree Planting

Our certified arborist is here to help determine both the type, and placement, of your trees to best meet your interest. Though it may seem like a cosmetic investment, trees actually provide several uses that will help you in several aspects of life. Whether it be providing shade in the summer, wind protection in winter, or just to enhance privacy, this could be one of the most beneficial adjustments for your lawn. Considering that they are essential to life, it is an easy way to keep not only your life maintained, but also the lives around you. For every tree we plant, we focus the utmost concern on preserving the structural integrity, as well as your safety.

Tree Removal

Do you have trees in your yard that are damaged, diseased, or beyond repair? Tree removal can be dangerous. When considering hiring someone for removal tree service - be smart about it! Find out if the are insured. Ask them about their experience, and how they plan to remove the tree. Tall trees in a residential area need to be taken down in pieces. Check our qualifications; we are up to the job! Yes, we do offer emergency tree removal service.

Seasonal Tree Care and Pruning

For instances when you want to save those trees instead of removing them, pruning could be a preventative measure to save their life. Branches can become dead or diseased before the rest of the tree and by cutting just those pieces it provides safety from the insects and organisms, as well as cracks and splitting that could cause the trees to grow weak. When the job is done correctly the tree will heal itself from the pruning while continuing to grow healthy and strong.

Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding can be a significant safety hazard, not only because of the diseases and insects they can sustain, but also because of the danger they cause for both adults and children. This process is a way of grinding down the stump to just below ground level so that the yard can start to regrow in it's place. Rather than removing the stump and causing extra damage, as well as extra work, stump grinding is an efficient way of getting the job done.

Yes, we offer discounts for multiple tree stumps at one visit.

Invite an Arborist from Legacy Outdoor Solutions to come out to your property. We will take a look at your problem tree.  You will receive a professsional recommendation that fits your situation and budget.

Your Backyard

Residential Lawn Care is more than just lawn mowing services. It's an annual agreement to mow, trim, aerate, reseed and weed your yard. We also offer Spring clean-up, Fall leaves clean-up, and push mowing for delicate areas.

Tree & Shrub Care

Legacy's Certified Arborist can come out to your property and examine the health of your commercial or residential trees and shrubs. We offer tree planting, trimming, removal and stump grinding.

Commerical Lawns

Professional Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Services keeps your commerical property beautiful year around, from mowing to landscaping, to winter time snow and ice removal.

Snow Plowing

Professional snow removal equipment to clear off the snow without damaging your commercial property. We offer Seasonal Contracts, Per Storm/Trip (aka Per Push) and Per Hour service options.